Forward Error Correction Workshop 2015

The Forward Error Correction Workshop will be held on June 2-4, 2015 in London, UK.

Workshop Programme

The workshop will cover the latest developments in application of Forward Error Correction (FEC). FEC codes are a powerful tool in combating transmission errors caused by a noisy channel. Using FEC codes allows communications to achieve the same level of transmission reliability, quantified by the BER, at lower output power levels. This could potentially give a large cost benefit because it reduces the amount of power needed for the transmission of data.There are tradeoffs for every code that have to be weighed against the application they are being used for. This workshop will investigate Hamming Codes, RS codes, and turbo codes, in the areas of both implementation and performance.

Forward Error Correction (FEC)

The workshop will cover the following topics:

There is no single FEC code that is an optimum solution for every application. The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate what factors must be weighed before a decision is made on which code to use. In general, the more effective a FEC code is at combating transmission errors, the more expensive it is to implement in terms of hardware, and the more complicated its encoding and decoding process become. Things like decoding delay and decreased throughput must also be considered when choosing between the different FEC codes that are available.